The Detroit Internet Exchange ("DET-iX") is a Nonprofit 501(c)(6) Regional Internet Exchange Point (IXP) with core switching fabric located in Southfield Michigan. Membership and interconnection is free. The collaboration of carriers, ISP's, and Enterprise Businesses connected to DET-iX allows for traffic to be exchanged freely, rather than paying to make the connection. 1G, 10G, 25G and 100G ports are available.


Peering with local and regional networks shrinks the diameter of the internet. DET-iX members experience reduced latency and hops by peering to other connected networks. This brings your network closer to your customers, and brings your customers closer to members content. Besides better connecting your network, peering adds real cost savings. Email: peering@detroitix.com to get started.

The Network


CORE Network

The Detroit Internet Exchange core switch fabric is located at 123NET - 24700 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI 48075.

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DET-iX Interconnection points

123NET - 24700 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI
123NET - 24275 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI
123NET - 24245 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI
365 Data Centers - 24660 Lahser Rd. Southfield, MI
EdgeConneX - 21005 Lahser Rd. Southfield, MI
Meet Me Room - 100 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI
123NET - 400 76th St. SW #12 Byron Center, MI

Traffic Stats



Member ASN Speed IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Route Server Policy
Member ASN Speed IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Route Server Policy
123.net 12129 200G 2607:F790:100::123 Yes Open
A2 Hosting, Inc. 55293 10G 2607:F790:100::4 Yes Open
ACD.net/ACD Telecom, Inc. 14103 10G Yes Selective
Acenet, Inc 22878 10G 2607:F790:100::17 No Open
AcenTek 11904 10G 2607:F790:100::74 Yes Open
Air Advantage 27216 10G 2607:F790:100::50 Yes Open
Akamai Technologies 20940 100G 2607:F790:100::14 Yes Open
Akamai Technologies 20940 100G 2607:F790:100::71 Yes Open
Akamai Technologies 20940 100G 2607:F790:100::72 Yes Open
Amazon.com 16509 100G 2607:F790:100::60 No Selective
Amplex Electric, Inc 20205 10G 2607:F790:100::42 Yes Open
Aptient Consulting Group Inc. 63126 1G 2607:F790:100::24 Yes Open
AAA - The Auto Club Group 31923 10G 2607:F790:100::64 Yes -
Baker College 393665 10G - Yes Open
Casair 19310 20G 2607:F790:100::43 Yes Open
CacheFly 30081 10G 2607:F790:100::48 No Selective
Clear Rate Communications, Inc 22438 1G 2607:F790:100::13 Yes Open
Cloudflare 13335 10G 2607:F790:100::26 Yes Open
CMSInter.net, LLC 26271 10G 2607:F790:100::16 Yes Open
Continent 8 Technologies 14537 10G 2607:F790:100::70 Yes Open
Cutting Edge Computers 62611 10G 2607:F790:100::62 Yes Open
Everstream 30517 100G 2607:F790:100::18 Yes Open
D & P Communications 13728 10G 2607:F790:100::28 Yes Selective
Daystarr Communications 21527 10G 2607:F790:100::25 Yes Open
Easy Online Solutions, Ltd. 27589 100G 2607:F790:100::8 Yes Open
Facebook 63293 10G 2607:F790:100::37 No Selective
Fastly, Inc. 54113 100G 2607:F790:100::34 Yes Selective
General Motors LLC 30383 10G 2607:F790:100::53 Yes Selective
General Motors LLC 30383 10G 2607:F790:100::54 Yes Selective
Google Inc. 15169 100G 2607:F790:100::21 Yes Open
Grid4 Communications 36394 10G 2607:F790:100::49 Yes Open
Holland Board of Public Works 395945 10G 2607:F790:100::75 Yes Open
Holland Board of Public Works 395945 10G 2607:F790:100::76 Yes Open
Hurricane Electric 6939 20G 2607:F790:100::27 Yes Open
INCX Global 13737 20G 2607:F790:100::3 Yes Open
IVS Comm 398233 10G 2607:F790:100::57 Yes Open
LakeNet LLC 11910 10G 2607:F790:100::52 Yes Open
LightSpeed Communications, LLC 63242 10G 2607:F790:100::6 Yes Open
Limelight Networks 22822 100G 2607:F790:100::63 No Selective
M3 Wireless 54932 10G 2607:F790:100::51 Yes Open
May Mobility 398351 10G 2607:F790:100::69 No Open
ManagedWay Company 53292 10G 2607:F790:100::2 Yes Open
MEI Telecom 54373 10G 2607:F790:100::44 Yes Open
Merit Network Inc. 237 100G 2607:F790:100::12 No Open
Metronet 30600 100G 2607:F790:100::59 Yes Open
Mercury Network Corporation 13549 10G 2607:F790:100::23 Yes Open
Microsoft 8075 100G 2607:F790:100::65 No Selective
Microsoft 8075 100G 2607:F790:100::66 No Selective
Miller Canfield 36127 10G 2607:F790:100::67 Yes -
MITCON 64223 20G 2607:F790:100::45 Yes Open
MultiTEL LLC 16315 10G 2607:F790:100::32 Yes Open
Network Services Group 15154 10G 2607:F790:100::19 Yes Open
Nexcess.net LLC 36444 10G 2607:F790:100::5 Yes Selective
Oakland Schools 14241 10G 2607:F790:100::41 Yes Open
Salesforce.com 14340 10G 2607:F790:100::47 Yes Selective
Secant / Aunalytics 27287 1G 2607:F790:100::31 Yes Open
STELLAR Broadband 10423 20G 2607:F790:100::15 Yes Open
St. Clair County RESA 393474 10G 2607:F790:100::40 Yes Selective
Subrigo Corporation 19257 1G 2607:F790:100::36 Yes Open
Synergy Fiber 22768 10G 2607:F790:100::61 Yes Open
TelNet Worldwide 27553 10G 2607:F790:100::29 Yes Open
US Signal 26554 10G 2607:F790:100::7 No Open
Verizon Digital Media Services (EdgeCast Networks) 15133 100G 2607:F790:100::39 Yes Open
Washtenaw Fiber Properties 267 10G 2607:F790:100::56 Yes Open
Xfernet 27630 10G 2607:F790:100::33 Yes Open
Xiber LLC 27630 10G 2607:F790:100::55 Yes Open
DET-iX Route Server #1 7949 - 2607:F790:100::255 - Open
DET-iX Route Server #2 7949 - 2607:F790:100::256 - Open
DET-iX Route Server #3 (CDN)

Netflix, Twitch
7949 - 2607:F790:100::1000 - Open
peering@detroitix.com      +1 800.227.1957     Detroit Internet Exchange - 24700 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI 48075